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Oceń profilOcena: 10    Głosów: 2



Wiek:29 lat 

Znak zodiaku:Koziorożec 

Stan cywilny:Panna 

Wykształcenie:Wyższe niepełne 

Zawód:Radca prawny/Adwokat/Sędzia 

Region / miasto:Ontario 

Kraj zamieszkania:Kanada 

Własnymi słowami:

when in the hands still fresh, uncomplicated set of complex embroidery, clean canvas))) and then when I do the last cross and move away to look at the work done))
a plate of rolls - also when they are brought in and I am very hungry, and now they are still whole and pouring soy sauce and away we go)
still, there are little pleasures in life,
when you come to the beach, you take off your flip flops and barefoot on the hot sand)) mmm))
and when all the day long in new shoes you imagine what a pleasure it is to take them off in the evening?))) aha))
and when you sit in the barbershop, and the master cuts you off and you just fall asleep from this massage in your head)
my sweetheart also gives me pleasure with massage,
and not only ;-))))
Yes, I can get a lot of pleasure from it, for me this is a small happiness, and I try to find it in many ways, because if you wait for one global happiness, then you can live your whole life sourly ..